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Tourist Attractions for Nauvoo

"For those of you who didn't think Nauvoo had anything to offer"

Old Nauvoo

  •         Free historic houses, blacksmith, stores, brick kiln, bakery, meeting houses, etc.
  •         Free Carriage, wagon and buggy rides

Free Family Living Center: candle dipping, rope, bread making, etc.

  •         Children's games and dress up clothing from Pioneer days.

Bakery: see how bread was baked and sample free the gingerbread cookies.

Blacksmith: See how the wagons and wheels were made and get a free "prairie diamond" ring.

Brick Kiln: how sand and clay are turned into tiny 'Nauvoo Bricks"

Trail of Hope:  Walk the Exodus Road )Parley Street) to the River's edge where the Saints boarded the ferry to begin their journey west.

Handcarts: with or without a a pioneer. Free

Land and Records Building:  Free CD's made upon request of any information from the Nauvoo Period.  Find where your ancestors lived in Old Nauvoo.

  •         Free night time activities including musicals and plays at various locations.

Nauvoo Visitors Center: Movies, tours, talks, displays.  Relief Society Women's Garden with beautiful statuary honoring the lives of women,.  Original Nauvoo Temple Sun Stone

Nauvoo Temple:  Children 12 and over or adults.  Recommends and reservations needed.

  •         Picnics on the banks of the Mississippi River.
  •         Fishing and boating on the River available
  •         Tours and cruises on the Mississippi on a Sternwheeler Paddle boat.
  •         Drive the Scenic Byway loop: Ft. Madison, Nauvoo, Hamilton, Keokuk, and Montrose.
  •         Bald Eagles: December to March.  The bald eagles winter on the River mostly by the dam.
  •         Carthage, Illinois: free tours, movies and presentations. Very memorable.  30 mins east.

Keokuk: A picturesque town to drive a round. It was very prominent when most of the goods traveled by river.

Riverboat museum:  Two observation decks overlooking the dam and locks which allow the boats to navigate around the dam and continue upstream.  Also a good place to watch eagles.

  •         Civil War reenactment (April).  This has been going on 16 years and is award winning.
  •         July 4th celebration with parades down Grand Avenue, games, food and fireworks.
  •         (The fireworks can be watched from our front lawn as  they are just across the River.)
  •         Walking or driving tour for the beautiful turn-of-the-century mansions on Grand Avenue.
  •         Nation Cemetery started by Lincoln for the Civil War dead.
  •         Many nice grocery stores and a Wal-mart Superstore.
  •         Many restaurants including Corn Huskers.

Montrose, Iowa and Sugarcreek:  First stopping place of the Saints after crossing the River.  Memorial plaques and heart rending views of Nauvoo and the Temple.

Hannibal, Missouri: Home of Mark Twain of "Tom Sawyer" fame.  One hour south.  (A nice day trip.)  Fun for the whole family.

Springfield, Illinois:  Home of Abe Lincoln which is very nice plus the cemetery where he is buried.  Two hours east.  (a nice day trip.)  Very worthwhile.

Quincy, Illinois:  All the stores you are used to plus great restaurants and sightseeing.  (a nice day trip.) 30 mins south.